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9 Steps to Promoting a New Product

[dropcaps]P[/dropcaps]romoting a new product, special offer or promotion should be treated with the utmost importance in your company. Develop a launch mentality, and put your best foot forward with each new marketing initiative.


When you’re first thinking about any new marketing initiative such as a new product, first consider how you are going to promote it. Who will be interested in it, and why? How do you know?

When planning a new product, it is often helpful to think about your existing customer list. This is because studies have shown that 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your customers. Think about the most common problems beginners have in relation to your niche, and you should have a treasure trove of ideas for products. Pick the one that has the broadest appeal and start working on it.


Not sure you are on the right track? Survey your audience to see which of the choices you are thinking about are of the most interest to them.

Creating a Great Product

Pay attention to the survey and start creating the kind of product you would have found of real value when you were first starting out in your niche.

Setting Your Calendar

We are all at our most productive when we have a deadline. Otherwise our work would never get finished. Set a launch date for every promotion, product, or special offer. An annual marketing calendar can help. For example, you might offer a new promotion every month, such as December for the end of year holidays, January for health, fitness and resolutions, February for Valentine’s Day, and so on.

For each new product you release, set a date about two to three months in the future and start counting down to Launch Day, or L-Day. Line up all your product promotions for that day.

Organize an Email Marketing Series

Create a sequence of emails counting down to L-Day. If you don’t have an email marketing list yet, start one now. AWeber, MailChimp or Constant Contact are all good choices.

Go Beta

If you do have an email marketing list, offer a small segment of your list (about 100 people) the chance for a beta test, or sneak preview of the item. Offer it free, or really cheaply, in exchange for feedback, reviews and testimonials. If the feedback is bad, fix the product and offer a beta to a second segment on your list, and so on, until you have a range of rave reviews.

Draft Your Sales Letter

A great sales letter should have the following elements:

A good headline
A great opening paragraph
Bullet points with features of the product and their benefits
Reviews and testimonials
A 100% money back guarantee
Buy now button
Some sales letters might also have a video sales letter that shows how great the product is.

Organize a Webinar for L-Day

Make it a live event with all sorts of exciting things planned.

Announce It on Social Media

Announce that the product is available on all your social network accounts.

Follow these steps to ensure that your launch is successful.

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