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About Kerrie

Welcome! Thanks for wanting to learn more about me!

I am a professional writer and graphic designer. Many of my clients are authors, and several of them are USA Bestselling or NYT Bestselling authors. I help authors launch or re-launch dynamic, memorable branding and a visual marketing strategy that gains engagement and grows email lists.

I represent and PA for: MK Meredith, Cindi Madsen, RS Guthrie, Adrian Churchward, Barbara O’Neal, Donna Seyen, Heather Slade, Vincent Panettiere, Anne Kulju, Lorena Angell, and Wendy Soliman, among other authors that wish to remain anonymous.

Luxury websites without the luxury price tag. Part of my mission is to help your image online and offline look amazing without breaking out the credit card or getting yourself into debt. My website design services are $490 for a complete job.

A powerhouse behind the scenes. I’m the writer and designer behind many multi-million dollar blogs and six-figure authors and bloggers. As a social media manager, I help authors and bloggers put solutions in place for challenges that have been nagging at them for a long time. Bottom line, I help people look amazing online!

I wrote the book on Pinterest. If you like free marketing strategies that last FOREVER, then you’ll love my Pinterest and Content Upgrade courses. I’ve helped over 4000 people grow their blogs through my books and courses.

Personal Life

I am a mom to six adorable boys and am happily married for 10+ years. Together with my family, I raise goats and make handmade soaps with goat milk. As a family, we run a private label wholesale opportunity company at Strawberry Soapbox. I also have a mom blog at Rainbow Baby Kids and a home style blog at Mancave Mayhem.

I am passionate about homeschooling, helping kids learn about business at an early age, and reaching out to college students to get their dreams on paper and “on the line” (sorry – a bad reference to “The Internship” at Google; thanks, Vince Vaughn!) to become entrepreneurs.

Loves – goats, sewing, sailing, rubber stamping, typography, calligraphy, Kahlua, and appetizers.

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