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Announcing My New Style Guide for KerrieLegend.com

I had to think long and hard about what I wanted my color scheme to be for KerrieLegend.com. I have this passionate love for strawberries but I absolutely had to separate myself from my brand over at Strawberry Soapbox (fresh soap and marketing ideas – you know, like preaching from a soapbox hahaha). I love red. I love berries. But KerrieLegend.com is more about templates, design and courses.

Hence, the new branding style guide for KerrieLegend.com.

I help people write and design for social media. It’s something that I’ve finally nailed down after about 2 months of pondering what my true purpose of being online really was. You know how I tell you to establish your niche and focus area in my Pinterest course? Well, sometimes that focus changes after you make some discoveries. I used to be a motivator to get people to write, but still loved talking about social media discoveries and best practices. Well, that’s what Strawberry Soapbox can be for. KerrieLegend.com is for writing and designing for social media. It has been decided!

Social media requires great images. Luring text. All the goodies that help get your audience to click. So that’s going to be my focus here. Think of it as a specialty marketing focus (I know, I said the dreaded M word). But when you think about it, aren’t those two things what we absolutely MUST focus on when projecting our books and other products on the marketplace?

So this set of colors… I love them. I think they’re peaceful and sophisticated. I’ll probably make a few more design mood boards around them. They’ll be what I use when I design my custom Pinterest pins for my blog. Really excited. What do you think about my style guide for my brand? Are we loving it!?

Kerry Legend Brand Style Guide

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