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The Querencia Series has been an absolutely delightful project for me to work on. It’s more of a passion series for me as a writer – I have an undying love and draw to the sea. My family has been into sailing for several generations.

I really hope that you’ll love reading this series as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Synopsis for Book 1: Anchor

Abby McClintock is a 36-year-old ex-everything. After her husband got arrested by the FBI for participating in an illegal mortgage securities scandal, the life she once knew has sunk to the depths of the ocean, never to be found again. All assets were seized and the bank accounts were drained if not frozen. What she had established as a solid writing platform has now been smeared by online haters and victims of fraudulent mortgages, even though Abby had nothing to do with what happened on Wall Street. Her entire career and good name has become tarnished, and her books are being burned across the country.

Abby has lost everything… except for the one asset she has kept to herself, placed in the safety of a trust and bought with her book royalties: The Querencia. Because of its value and her attorney’s sound advice not to make any significant financial decisions or transactions, she elects to live aboard her sloop-rigged sailboat and try to start her life over again. There, she begins the healing process, writing in solitude with, at times, treacherous ocean waters.

Abby needs to find her anchor, her strength to continue on, and feel at home again. You’ll see why The Querencia is the best place to find her authentic self that had once been lost amid lavish success, and then hard times.


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