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Author Services

You’re an author. You’re busy, and you probably would MUCH rather be writing your next best book than having to worry about all the marketing mumbo jumbo that goes along with being a published author. I totally get that. I’m an author, too, and know EXACTLY how you feel. There’s so much visual marketing work to do, tons of posting, and gosh – the website, too? Of course. Because as everyone knows, it’s the one thing an author actually has control over.

These days, with marketing, it’s not just about making relationships or posting. It’s about telling a story and providing value. People want to be able to connect, to be entertained, and fall in love with something they can get behind. Your visual marketing has the power to not only generate sales but also create raving fans along the way.

I offer a few options to help you on your author journey, and am GREAT at what I do. Ask my current clients! Here are some things I do that you may be interested in. If it’s visual, I can help you!

Social Media Marketing (Author PA) – 3 Months

Social Media Marketing (Author PA) – 1 Month

Author Website Design

Author Pinterest Marketing Management – Monthly

Author Pinterest Marketing Management – 3 Months

Book Cover Design

Pinterest Strategy Course for Authors