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Big Dreams vs. Reality as a New Blogger – Confessions

…confessions from a fellow mom blogger.

Dear new blogger, hopeful with big dreams, spirit, and tons of words to share, I have some confessions to make that apply to me below, and impart to you some words of wisdom:

  1. Don’t lose faith.
  2. You’ll hear crickets.
  3. You’ll continue to hear crickets for a while. You may end up drinking a bit. Here, hold my vodka.
  4. Be a firm believer that there’s an audience for everyone. Just like there’s an audience for a specific type of book.
  5. You may have to spend some money. Gasp. I know.
  6. You may gain 15-20 pounds. (Coffee and Snack Packs should have zero calories?!)
  7. Keep blogging. Keep writing.
  8. Update your website daily and make 5-10 improvements.
  9. Read 5-10 articles a day and actually implement the recommendations. Don’t have an “ah-ha” moment and set it down.
  10. Getting a mass amount of subscribers doesn’t mean all of them will buy from you. If I had 50,000+ subscribers all buy my $50 Pinterest course, well, gosh we’d have a huge party.

I have been there with you. I have started (and lost interest) in many blogs. But this one… this one is different. It’s personal. Helpful. It’s my passion. And perhaps you’ve found yours, too. But as a new blogger you may be frustrated by the crickets, the lack of traffic, and having no money coming in.

I was right there with you. I started over again, too. (I had a goat blog and just fizzled out – lost interest. Blah.) I get it. And that’s why I’ve put together so many different pieces of information in various formats (blog posts, Instagram pics with info, Pinterest pins, books, courses, etc.) so you have access to what really works. I’m here to share my discoveries with you – including the failures (so you don’t waste time).

Keep at it. Don’t lose hope or faith. You’ll find your tribe… it just may take some time. I know you have big dreams for your blog, but this is the reality of the “biz”. Know that I’m cheering for you to win. (PS – follow my blog because I often follow back and make comments!).

All my love, hopes and dreams,



  1. Definitely the little boost that I needed to hear today! I’m not a mom blog, but this is still sooo relatable. Nice post 🙂

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