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How NOT to Be a Book Blogger

There I was last night, scrolling through social media when I stumbled on a post by @msmonicamurphy aka the New York Times Bestselling Author, Monica Murphy. Not just a phenomenal author, but also, one of my treasured clients. And here it was:   Ok I’m gonna say it - why take a beautiful photo of my books & then say they are the worst books you’ve ever read - & then tag me. ... Read the Post

Step Up Your Instagram Game with an Instagram Puzzle

What should I post next? What should I write?... Questions often asked when someone logs onto their Instagram. You drool at the themed Instgram pages, inspired by so many profiles. And you wish yours looked that pretty or professional. How did they do that? If you're finding yourself challenged by content ideas, creating a cohesive look for your Instagram profile and want to do something ... Read the Post

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