The F and B Words of Authors – How to Spot Fake Influencers, Reviews and Bought Bestseller Ranks

First off, sorry in advance for the long post. There's a lot of wheels turning here. But thanks for being here, and being interested in this topic. Here we go. The implications of F and B words are huge. And no, I don't mean your typical cuss words like fu$% and bit$%. I mean fraud, fake, funded, and bought. Even while using pseudonyms, as authors we're obligated to keep it real, because we ... Read the Post

Pinterest Marketing for Authors: The No-Brainer Approach to Free Book Marketing

Are you considering using Pinterest as part of your author marketing platform? If you're not actively pinning your books and other author blog-related posts on Pinterest, you're missing out on a HUGE free book marketing opportunity. If you love free book marketing, are tired of not having any sales, and are not using Pinterest, then you may want to consider changing your approach. There are ... Read the Post

Here’s What Happened When I Did a Pinterest Board Cleanse

So if you've been following me here on the blog where I write semi-specific stuff on writing and design, then you know how much of a Pinterest fanatic I am. I've been a pinner for over a year now, and this is not my first confession, my friends, about how much Pinterest has either influenced my site designs or has dramatically improved my website traffic both as an author and a blogger. I've ... Read the Post

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