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3 Money-Saving and Creative Reasons to Clean Out Your Email List

People freak out when I tell them to drop people. "Maybe they'll eventually open my emails." "Oh but I worked so hard to get them on my list!" - to do what - not open up your messages and ignore you? You worked hard for people to ignore your messages... and want to continue to pay for them to be on your list? C'mon. I always tell my students who take my courses, "You're PAYING for people to be ... Read the Post

Before You Solicit a Designer’s Opinion About Your Book Cover…

As a graphic designer I get asked a lot... "what do you think of my book cover?" <gulp> Let me start by saying it's not easy giving people your professional, unbiased opinion, for a number of reasons. Think it's easy to say "your cover kinda sucks" to someone? It's not. It's not easy to tell people their cover is 1) hard to read 2) using dated fonts 3) is a bit cliche 4) using an image ... Read the Post

The F and B Words of Authors – How to Spot Fake Influencers, Reviews and Bought Bestseller Ranks

First off, sorry in advance for the long post. There's a lot of wheels turning here. But thanks for being here, and being interested in this topic. Here we go. The implications of F and B words are huge. And no, I don't mean your typical cuss words like fu$% and bit$%. I mean fraud, fake, funded, and bought. Even while using pseudonyms, as authors we're obligated to keep it real, because we ... Read the Post

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