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3 Big Mistakes I Made While Building My Email List to 60k

We all make mistakes. And I've made a few big ones along the way, so I'm going to be completely transparent and tell you all about what I did and what I wish I had done differently. I started building my email list for KerrieLegend.com back in February 2017. I put out my first initial course called "100+ Ways to Re-Purpose Your Content". It really took off, and I grew my email list ... Read the Post

Why You’ll Want to Stay Positive and Plan for Success with Blogging

In a world of blogging filled with doubt and sometimes the self-loathing that comes with it, I offer this little nugget of advice. Always plan for the surprised element of success. You may, one day, either surprise yourself, or a piece of written material may suddenly take of. Or, you get discovered. I woke up this morning with bells and whistles all over my phone. My blog was blowing up ... Read the Post

Little White Lies Authors Tell Themselves (& Others)

I thought a lot about what kind of post I wanted this to be, especially since we're talking about lies - kinda negative, right? But it could be entertaining, too. So I'll cushion this post with a heads up that while I'm going to keep things real here as well as helpful. Think of it as a self-help reality check post for authors and writers. And, do me a favor. If something resonates with you and ... Read the Post

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