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How I Grew My Email List to 50,000+ in Just 3 Months

Healthy email lists are critical to your success! I'm in the business of providing information and helping people grow, and the only real way for me to do that effectively is by email. My email list is my number one avenue to sell online, because my entire business is online. I don't have a brick and mortar store to sell classes and information out of, so my email list is like my golden ticket to ... Read the Post

Writer’s Block Goes Beyond Not Having the Words  

Writer's Block {def.} according to Wikipedia: the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing Here's my take on writer's block and what it really *can* mean. I often think that writer's block gets associated with just not having the words to type or write at any given moment or point in time, whether that means during a designated writing session or during ... Read the Post

Launch of My New Books!

Here's what I'm excited about today. I have 10 titles being published on Amazon today. (Just waiting for Amazon to upload and display the other 4.) I'm really excited about these titles because I've taken so many webinar courses over the past couple years, invested a lot of money, and have studied the systems. And in my books, I'm revealing how the top social media accounts have become that ... Read the Post

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