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“Fierce” – Book 1 of The Ink Ocean Indie Writer Series on Kindle Unlimited

Fierce, Book 1 of The Ink Ocean Indie Writer Series

Good news! “Fierce“, Book 1 of The Ink Ocean Indie Writer Series, is now available on Kindle Unlimited.

This is my first book in the romance genre, and I actually classified it in the “Sea Story” section, just due to a lot of content being set by the ocean. Jacey Stetson, the main character, resembles many indie writers, so I think thousands of writers will be able to identify with her. She’s stuck in a job that she’s not passionate about, but it pays the bills. But she longs to write, and builds her word count up on a daily basis. Her boyfriend of several years doesn’t exactly support writing as a career just because it’s not “sensible” or bring in a steady income. But along the way, she meets some friends and gets some advice on what to do with not just her book in progress, but her life, as well.

What really makes this story unique is that her estranged mother is also a CEO of a publishing giant. But Jacey doesn’t want her mother’s influence or money. She wants to do this on her own merit. This is really an inside look at what goes on inside a writer’s brain as they write, and I hope I did it justice.

Here’s the book blurb! (You know, our favorite part of the book to write – not!)

Jacey Stetson has what many would consider everything – a sensible, well-paying job, a practical, financially-responsible boyfriend, a handsome roommate who is fun to hang out with (but also off-limits), and a mother who is also a powerful CEO of a publishing company. Jacey wants more than anything to be a full-time writer, but she’s not about to use her estranged mother’s resources to start her career. As she jots down notes and writes chapters in her decoy “work notes” journal during the day, she longs for a life where traveling was for pleasure instead of work, where writing and sipping cappuccinos was mandatory, and writing for days on end, getting lost in her own stories. Months have passed by, and all the days of jotting down notes, writing on the fly, blogging and planning her book have paid off. She’s ready to publish. But a devastating life event hits her hard, and she’s forced to make some choices.

Her parents taught her to make reasonable, sensible choices in life. Dating her steady boyfriend was one of them, and he’s not exactly on board with her dreams of becoming a writer. “Why can’t you just keep working full-time and be happy doing that?”

Becoming a writer with absolutely no income that is guaranteed would cause a rift even deeper than the one that has been present for some time. With her boyfriend, roommate and her best friend all providing input on what she should do, Jacey has some big decisions to make about her career – does she take a chance and self-publish her book? Does she take a new position with another company so she can devote more time to writing? Some advice causes heartache and provides some life lessons… while other advice leads her down a path she never thought was possible.

Anyone who has dreamed of becoming a full-time writer will relate to this book. The hard work, the endless editing, marketing, social promotion, decision-making of self-publishing and trying to get representation, the family and friends that don’t understand the draw to writing as a career choice, and also the bumps and triumphs of the author world. Will she turn to her mother’s powerful influence or go about this adventure alone with a little help from her friends?

Hidden romance, estranged family, opinions galore, financial strain, desire, conflict, a writer, and her dreams.

Read “Fierce”, a story about empowerment, imagination, and determination – a heart-warming story with some practical life lessons of reality when you have big dreams without the money to support them… unless you get creative. This is definitely a book writers and self-published authors will relate to, and some will even gain some ideas about how to go about their writing business a bit differently going forward. Curious to see what happens? Buy your copy of “Fierce” today and start reading a new series about a writer!


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