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Growing the Blog with the Right Theme – I Put on Big Girl Pants

I realized yesterday that my blog was growing to the point where the simplicity of the theme I had installed no longer supported my long-term goals. I had to say goodbye to simplicity and put on my big girl pants. It was time to install a robust, badass theme called Sahifa.

I bought Sahifa from Themeforest.net and I have to admit it’s been pretty great working in it. It’s designed for bloggers but also eCommerce – one of those themes that is visually appealing and has a lot of power behind the scenes for customization. Which Kerrie likes.

With the right them you can get your ads set up correctly and stay organized with placement. Sahifa actually gives you pre-defined spaces for ads but you don’t necessarily have to install code everywhere it has availability. In my opinion, using all the spots with this particular theme would detract from the site’s fun level.

Is your site’s theme powerful enough to handle the traffic, have functionality and yet a good design framework? It might be something you will have to consider at some point. Sometimes you have to put on big girl pants, whip out the credit card, stop being a noob, and buy a full-fledged theme that will tackle all the necessary functions you need.

I still have some work to do with it on customizing it and all, but hey. My site is always a work in progress. It’s coming alive though with traffic and I really want to make sure it’s impressive and fun to be on.

What site theme are you using and do you like it? Need suggestions?

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