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How Many Website Visitors Do I Need to Make $100,000?

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When I start working with a client to get a strategy in place, sometimes the question arises – how much web traffic do I need to make, say, $100,000? It’s a lofty goal for some starting out, but when we break it down by the numbers, you’ll see you have some variables to work with to make a goal such this actually work for you.

Knowing how much a website owner wants to make helps me to understand where they want to be, why they want to be there, and what the options are to get that goal accomplished. So if you have a price on a product or service that can be adjusted, obviously, this effects the formula with how many website visitors you need.

Let’s start with a $10 product. We know already that only approximately 1% of web traffic will convert into a sale according to historical standards. So if we were to extrapolate this into website visitors we know we’d need 1,000,000 visitors (10000 sales * $10 per sale = $100,000).

But let’s say you up the price tag at $100. Then you’d need 100,000 visitors. A lot of stuff these days is priced at a healthy $197 – so let’s say you have that going for you with an amazing product. You’d need just over 50,000 visitors. Seems much more attainable at this price tag and website traffic level… right?

So it’s quite possible to get to that goal and develop a seriously jaw-dropping profit from your blog – the question is… where does that traffic come from and can you get it to convert? That’s what I’d like to focus on this week… so come back and we’ll talk traffic and conversion.



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