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Interruptions: Reason #52,659 to Automate Your Social Media

If you’ve been with me for a while you know my position on how to spend time and how to handle your social media accounts. You automate as much as you possibly can. Why? Here’s reason #52,659. Interruptions. From those little charming angels we call children. Life happens. Watch this. It’s hilarious. Obviously, a parody from that BBC international interview where the guy’s kids bumrush him in the middle of an interview.

I counted, in a 10-minute timeframe, just how many times I got interrupted trying to do one task. This blog post. Because I just had to encourage you all another time to automate (and you’ll grow big in the process). 12 interruptions. In a 10-minute timeframe. From each of my 6 children.

  • Chocolate milk!
  • Mom where’s my iPad?
  • I don’t know where my other shoe is.
  • I want a Lunchable!
  • (Baby crying wanting to be fed).
  • Bathtime!
  • Mommy, I poop. (Changing of the diaper and throwing on hazmat suit).
  • Uh oh… (spill of grape juice on kitchen floor).
  • Honey, did you mail out those two letters? (Text from husband. Because I’m everyone’s personal secretary).
  • Daniel Tiger! Daniel Tiger! Daniel Tiger! ( Grab remote and change channel).
  • Da boat (Fisher Price Noah’s Ark needing assembly)
  • Mommy, I poop. (God, help me.)

What. The. Hell. This is my life. And I have to be honest with you. This series of interruptions happens on the hour, every hour. This is why I try to get everything done in one shot for the week and only work, well, 6 hours a week. I’m a mom and run a business from home. With kids. It’s insane. And I know there’s more of you out there in the same boat as me. Just a different house. If I didn’t automate my stuff, I’d never get it done. I feel you!

If I had been trying to do social media and make something beautiful or post something cheeky, it would have failed miserably. Why? I can’t handle distractions when I’m trying to create or write. It’s amazing to me that I manage to handle my regular business with the goats and soap crafting without going nuts. Feel me?

I use a bunch of programs to automate. I’m working on developing a course just on automation because I think it’s a huge lifestyle boost and time saver. I think I’ve found the perfect mix of automation software but I’m always curious to see what other people are using. What do you use that you find helpful? Doesn’t matter if it’s free or not.

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