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Launch of My New Books!

Here’s what I’m excited about today. I have 10 titles being published on Amazon today. (Just waiting for Amazon to upload and display the other 4.) I’m really excited about these titles because I’ve taken so many webinar courses over the past couple years, invested a lot of money, and have studied the systems. And in my books, I’m revealing how the top social media accounts have become that way.

And, I’m launching my professional author Facebook page so if you can give it some love, I’d be thrilled. https://www.facebook.com/Kerrie-Legend-311455155923563/

This has been a 2-year project that is finally coming to fruition. I couldn’t be happier! What’s even better is that I may combine all 10 books into a series box set package and price it at $9.99. I’m still wondering how that will work marketing-wise. But, we won’t know unless we try it, right?

I’d like to invite you to see my new author page and follow me there. It’s my goal to release a few more titles yet before the end of the month – projects I’ve been working on but just need editing. Here’s my Amazon profile: http://www.amazon.com/author/kerrielegend.

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