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Pinterest Saying “Buh Bye” to Like Button

Pinterest Saying Buh Bye to Like Button

In a matter of a few weeks, Pinterest is retiring the “like” button for pins. Why? It hasn’t been clear to users the difference between the like and the save button. How did they ever differ, really? Research showed the brand that the consumers didn’t understand the difference, so they’re scrapping it.

Say hello to the Save button, instead. I’ve always like the save button because I want to be able to come back to something a bit later. Can I get a “Hell Yes!” from the other busy moms out there that get interrupted a million times during the day?

No worries about everything that you’ve liked, though. They’re making a special board for everything you liked called “Your Pinterest Likes”. So there you go. The board will be secret. Shush.

Just another example of a powerful brand giving something a try and realizing that it might not have worked like they thought it would. Kudos, Pinterest. Kudos. You’re in the same trenches as all the other entrepreneurs out there.


  1. if you didn’t know the difference between the like and save button then you really didn’t use pinterest that much. I found it a useful tool when I was looking quickly at pins that I wanted to come back to later. A quick like and on to the next thing. I could come back to organize it or unlike it later. Now I have to pin it somewhere and go through the process to delete the pin if I don’t want it. Now that the likes are on a private board, I have to scroll all the way down to add it to the board. whereas with the likes one hit of one button and it was there and a quick unlike and it was gone. Pinterest Ruined.

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