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Social Media Management for Creatives & Authors

Life gets busy, I know, and sometimes you just really need a great designer and someone who is great at social media to help you out. I offer a monthly social media management service for creatives and authors (and a 3-month discounted option) to help your projects go viral. I prepare the visuals, write the content that goes with it (with occasional input from you), and post on your behalf at the best times. Here’s what is included:

Facebook posting – 3 times daily
Twitter posting – 24 times daily
Instagram posting – 2 times daily
Pinterest – 2 new pins daily, 30 scheduled re-pins
Google+ – 2 times daily
Sharing of blog posts to viral sites – Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Slideshare, etc. 1x daily

I also prepare mockups, help you create an amazingly designed Instagram 9-grid profile, create Cinemagraphs with your project included, help you grow your fan base, share your pins with over 30 tribe groups I’m apart of, and much more. The more stylish your media is, the more viral it will be. I’ll help you grow your base while providing a consistent appearance that is shareable over several forms of social media, all in the proper sizing format.

Philosophy: I believe in a consistent visual strategy that drives traffic to your website; not spamming in groups.

Now… you’re probably wondering about my rates. I’m a professional designer and sales copy writer with years of experience. College educated, and also an author. I charge a fair rate for the level of quality you’d want with your visual media: luxury quality. Your visuals will have broad appeal and get shared. 

My rates are $195 for a single month, and $425 for a 3-month block which gives you a 25% discount. You can also hire me for a week at $75.

I just recently started this service, and am excited to start helping you! Let me know if I can answer any questions that you may have.

3-month service (25%+ discount)

1-month service

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