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Do AMS Ads Include Paperback Sales? Yes

There's been a lot of posts circulating about the question regarding whether or not Amazon Marketing Services Ads include purchases of paperback books in its total for "Estimated Total Sales". I ran an experiment, and I can conclude that yes, AMS Ads do include paperback sales. Honestly, I don't like the column for "ACoS", because we never actually see that amount come into our possession - ... Read the Post

How to Get Organized & Accountable for Your Writing & Blogging

If you've ever missed a blog goal, have gone in random spurts with writing or working on your book, or feel like a complete ignoramus when it comes to leading a "blogging lifestyle", by all means, this post is written just for you. It's easy to feel like you're an imposter when your behind-the-scenes world is a complete and utter mess. Disorganized. Unplanned. Or you may feel like you've ... Read the Post

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