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Dominate Social Media Marketing

[nz_row][nz_col width="2"] Dominate your game on social media. Don't be scared of not knowing what to do on social media. It's time to learn some new strategies and EXECUTE them to start making a significant impact on your sales. "Ideas are shit." - Gary Vaynerchuk. Execution is the key. And ... READ the POST

Get it Together (& Reasons Why Writers & Bloggers Fail)

[nz_row][nz_col width="2"] [yikes-mailchimp form="1" title="1"] [/nz_col][nz_col width="2"] A Strategy Centered Around Solely Gaining Followers is Not a Solid Strategy I've found, in my career as a strategist and designer, that writers and bloggers often want the benefits and rewards ... READ the POST

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