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Top 5 Automation Tricks That Will Grow Your Followers

...without much effort. At all. I know... crazy right? But it's possible. You just need some help in the automation department. Have no fear, Kerrie is here. I'm handing out my free new ebook, "Top 5 Automation Tricks That Will Grow Your Followers Without Much Effort". 6 pages of solid goodness - what you'd expect from me. Inside you'll find some hints on the applications, hidden features that ... Read the Post

Interruptions: Reason #52,659 to Automate Your Social Media

If you've been with me for a while you know my position on how to spend time and how to handle your social media accounts. You automate as much as you possibly can. Why? Here's reason #52,659. Interruptions. From those little charming angels we call children. Life happens. Watch this. It's hilarious. Obviously, a parody from that BBC international interview where the guy's kids bumrush him in the ... Read the Post

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