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Top 5 Automation Tricks That Will Grow Your Followers

...without much effort. At all. I know... crazy right? But it's possible. You just need some help in the automation department. Have no fear, Kerrie is here. I'm handing out my free new ebook, "Top 5 Automation Tricks That Will Grow Your Followers Without Much Effort". 6 pages of solid goodness - what you'd expect from me. Inside you'll find some hints on the applications, hidden features that ... Read the Post

Interruptions: Reason #52,659 to Automate Your Social Media

If you've been with me for a while you know my position on how to spend time and how to handle your social media accounts. You automate as much as you possibly can. Why? Here's reason #52,659. Interruptions. From those little charming angels we call children. Life happens. Watch this. It's hilarious. Obviously, a parody from that BBC international interview where the guy's kids bumrush him in the ... Read the Post

Launch of My New Books!

Here's what I'm excited about today. I have 10 titles being published on Amazon today. (Just waiting for Amazon to upload and display the other 4.) I'm really excited about these titles because I've taken so many webinar courses over the past couple years, invested a lot of money, and have studied the systems. And in my books, I'm revealing how the top social media accounts have become that ... Read the Post

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