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Here’s What Happened When I Did a Pinterest Board Cleanse

So if you've been following me here on the blog where I write semi-specific stuff on writing and design, then you know how much of a Pinterest fanatic I am. I've been a pinner for over a year now, and this is not my first confession, my friends, about how much Pinterest has either influenced my site designs or has dramatically improved my website traffic both as an author and a blogger. I've ... Read the Post

10 Reasons You’ll Want to Take My Pinterest Secrets Course

  Today I thought I'd put together a top 10 list of reasons why you'll want to take my Pinterest Secrets course (because big picture, people, it's a complete game-changer for many of you). So. Here. We. Go. Web traffic. Your web traffic to your site is going to go up. Without spending a single dime. Like, thousands of percentages of increase, from what I've seen. You get to ... Read the Post

Big Dreams vs. Reality as a New Blogger – Confessions

...confessions from a fellow mom blogger. Dear new blogger, hopeful with big dreams, spirit, and tons of words to share, I have some confessions to make that apply to me below, and impart to you some words of wisdom: Don't lose faith. You'll hear crickets. You'll continue to hear crickets for a while. You may end up drinking a bit. Here, hold my vodka. Be a firm believer that ... Read the Post

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