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Here’s What Happened When I Did a Pinterest Board Cleanse

So if you've been following me here on the blog where I write semi-specific stuff on writing and design, then you know how much of a Pinterest fanatic I am. I've been a pinner for over a year now, and this is not my first confession, my friends, about how much Pinterest has either influenced my site designs or has dramatically improved my website traffic both as an author and a blogger. I've ... Read the Post

3 Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest

Alright - this is a great post because I'm going to tell you 3 (three) ways that you can go viral on Pinterest. Exciting, right?! Who wants to go viral and have their site blow up with sales?! Me! First, we have to start with an epic post. I mean, the type that literally helps a person breathe and they'll suffocate without it. You know the type - the mega-list post that has a gazillion ... Read the Post

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