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5 Ways Your Website Design Impacts Your Business Sales

Companies invest thousands of dollars when they want to design their website. Many others spend a small fortune on a redesign in the hope that making it more attractive can increase sales. Many businesses invest thousands and sometime this runs into the millions when they want to design their website and many other spend a small fortune on a website redesign in the hope and it is often just ... Read the Post

Create an Irresistible Month’s Worth of Content

Grab your notebooks, ladies and gents, it's time to get busy! If you're into daily blogging and providing updates or other useful information to your audience, you'll want to prepare some irresistible material - enough for a month. What should I write about, you ask? Here are some really great ideas and prompts for content posts - so many that you'll have enough to keep your audience busy ... Read the Post

4 Social Media Marketing Tricks You Must Try Today

Greetings, everyone! Today I'm going to show you 4 social media marketing tricks you must try today. Now, some of you might be ahead of the 8-ball on this and some of you might be BEHIND the 8-ball and haven't tried these yet. Regardless, if you've tried them before then I'm just reinforcing the importance of each key point. This is a quick and dirty read, because I know your time is valuable. ... Read the Post

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