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Why Stumbleupon Needs to Be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Not using Stumbleupon as part of your social media strategy? Or maybe you're like... why? I know, I'm asking you to think outside of the realm of Facebook and Instagram and it's scary, I know. Did you know that Stumbleupon is like, free traffic for your website? That you could get an INSANE amount of followers, sales and whatever else your heart desires from just adding your page to their ... Read the Post

3 Ways to Get Out of a Bad Image & Design Rut

  [dropcaps]L[/dropcaps]et's start out by me telling you who this post is for. This is for the people - the creatives without a lot of experience with Photoshop or image & design - who KNOW they are in a bad rut and need to get themselves out of one. This post is NOT about the people who continue to use Monotype Corsiva and Papyrus as font combinations and red text with a white ... Read the Post

Start a Blog Content Strategy & Automate in 15 Minutes

[dropcaps]L[/dropcaps]et's talk strategy and get you automated. In 15 minutes. First of all... what kind of creative are you? Are you an author? Designer? Artist? Content writer? Lifestyle blogger? A mom entrepreneur that gets hardly any sleep and blogs about coupons and family life and hope it works? Whatever your creative style is, it's in your best interest to have a blog content strategy ... Read the Post

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