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How to Use Scrivener for Blogging

Before we get into the "how" part of this post, let's discuss the "why" on why you would, as a blogger, want to use Scrivener (www.literatureandlatte.com), a completely powerful tool and preferred writing app for writers, for your blog. Why not just write everything in WordPress or Microsoft Word? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Here are a few pointers on the why: Promotes organized ... Read the Post

Successful People Know This Secret

I'm sure you're surrounded by successful people who are not at all perfect. So you may wonder why, without all of that perfection and occasional mistake-making, how they got to be where they are. If you’re not aware that successful people are not perfect then start taking notice because even the perception of success is, well, success. The secret that successful people know is this: Doing the work ... Read the Post

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