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How to Plan a Month’s Worth of Blog Posts in 5 Minutes

I have a little notebook with a golden pineapple on the front. It's top wire-bound, seafoam/teal in color, and has pinstripes. Within this little Walmart treasure find of mine has all my blog posts for the months ahead. This special notebook dictates what I write about, and I just add a little bit to it every single day. All of my ideas go in there. Trust me - it started out as a photo prop ... Read the Post

Writer’s Block Goes Beyond Not Having the Words  

Writer's Block {def.} according to Wikipedia: the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing Here's my take on writer's block and what it really *can* mean. I often think that writer's block gets associated with just not having the words to type or write at any given moment or point in time, whether that means during a designated writing session or during ... Read the Post

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