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Why Stumbleupon Needs to Be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Not using Stumbleupon as part of your social media strategy? Or maybe you’re like… why? I know, I’m asking you to think outside of the realm of Facebook and Instagram and it’s scary, I know.

Did you know that Stumbleupon is like, free traffic for your website? That you could get an INSANE amount of followers, sales and whatever else your heart desires from just adding your page to their site?

I know, right? It’s ok if you’ve been living under a rock and had no idea that this was even an option.

Now, the thing is, your page has to be really good. Your article has to be helpful, amazing, beneficial, informative, interesting, unique, etc. Stumbleupon has “stumblers” which are basically people like you and me stumbling on random pages. You can discover some amazing stuff on there and I always have a great time on it when I am browsing. But then you get to an article and you’re like, blah! Why is this on here? And you can give it a thumbs down as opposed to thumbs up.  Stumbleupon will not show you those kinds of articles anymore. If you get a lot of thumbs up on your own article, Stumbleupon will continue to show it to people and it’ll go a little viral.

Here are some tips to get a bunch of thumbs up on your page for Stumbleupon:

[list style=”style6″]
[li]Include yourself in the post – like a picture, what you’re doing, your desk, behind-the-scenes look, etc.[/li]
[li]Have a really catchy title – something bonkers, amazing, intriguing, etc.[/li]
[li]Make the post a list format. Like “best tips on blah blah blah”[/li]
[li]Make the post LONG. Like, super-word long.[/li]
[li]Make sure you are a regular Stumbleupon user – the more you use it, the more viral you will be[/li]
[li]You’ll have a better chance to go viral if you have a lot of followers[/li]
[li]Consistently submit new material[/li]
[li]Don’t just use Stumbleupon for your own self-promotion[/li]

Did you know that you could have traffic going to your site in surges… like 15k visitors within a week? Can you imagine what that would do for you if you were able to have a post that converted like crazy? Have I convinced you yet? What about 5000+ email subscribers that just came from Stumbleupon users that found your site and wanted what you had to offer?

There you go.

Now – even if you’re a local business you can use Stumbleupon. It not only improves your ranking and validity online, but it also helps promote some of the products you might have on your website. So if you’re thinking… nah, I’m good, I have brick-and-mortar retail only… then you’re missing out big time. Believe me.

If you’re a blogger, this is where you can really hone in on how to make all of your posts super awesome and even put in a free download. Grab the email address while you’re at it. Market to them later.

PS – if you don’t have your Facebook pixel installed, do that first before submitting your page to Stumbleupon.

My overall recommendation is to be an active stumbler first, start submitting content across various different pages that you like, and then start submitting yours, as well. You’ll have great success with this as part of your social media strategy!

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