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Why You Should Use a Landing Page

Landing pages are great to try and use because they give you valuable feedback. For one, they allow you to test your images and web copy. Is what you’re saying resonating with your audience? Are you converting visitors to customers? Or, when someone lands on a page, do they bail? Landing pages give you that critical information that you need to make changes and try things.

Mild shifts – even small ones – like color use, tweaking how a paragraph is laid out, use of fonts, etc. are all things that determine whether or not a customer buys or bails.

I use landing pages all the time. You don’t necessarily see them on my site unless I’ve pointed you there. But they’ve given me valuable information on select data about you – what you did when you got there, how long you stayed, and whether or not you signed up to receive something I give out. See? Extraordinarily helpful!

Landing pages are MEANT to be tested. No one is really an expert on their brand until they’ve mastered conversion and fulfilling their own brand promise. So use landing pages to test, test, and retest. What works for one business may not necessarily be your voice or how you want your products and services to be laid out.

Here are a few tips for position-specific uses for landing pages:

  • Email Marketers – You should definitely direct your traffic to a solid landing page, and the better the landing page, the better your email campaign.
  • All PPC Marketers – We all know how important a well-crafted landing page is for our PPC campaigns. Use this audit to squeeze even more revenue!
  • Business Owners and Managers– Landing pages are easier to create than ever and it’s likely yours could use a tweak. See how your campaigns stack up, or evaluate how your team creates their landing pages!
  • Agency Owners and Freelancers– Audit the landing pages of your clients so you can help them improve their campaign conversion rates.

If you want to learn more about landing pages, you’ll definitely want to sign up for my Mega Bundle of Courses, where I teach landing pages and conversion techniques in great depth. Including, my own trials, A/B tests, failures, and most importantly, my successes!

I don’t charge much, and you’ll get a lot out of it. That’s MY brand promise!

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