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Writing Headlines, Writing Sales Copy & Effective Email Campaigns: Here Are 6 Articles to Help You

Writing Headlines & Writing Sales Copy for Effective Email CampaignsWriting headlines, writing sales copy and writing an effective email. So important when you work so hard to build your email list only to lose followers due to lackluster email content. This is something we all need to constantly work on, and so today I’m sharing some articles that are super recent that will help you with your email marketing efforts. I don’t claim to be an expert at it by any means – and try to improve my messages with each email campaign.

Honestly, I cue you to the experts of this stuff. I like to talk about email marketing every once in a while.I think that as writers it’s important to address that while our books might be amazing and help transform the lives and minds of those who read them, our email campaigns can kind of suck it up sometimes. It’s almost like we authors/bloggers clam up when it’s time to write an email campaign. Argh! Why!?

So here are 6 articles that I think you’ll really benefit from, even if you just need a refresher. Don’t get overwhelmed – try to implement at least 3 things each time you send out an email campaign and you’ll eventually become brilliant. 🙂

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Nothing ruins a sales email faster than a bad subject line. The fact is, we’re inundated with poor subject lines, and we no longer have the patience to investigate whether something is spam, a marketing promotion, or a legit sales email. If it doesn’t look like it came from a human, it goes straight to the trash. So if you wrote a persuasive sales email to a prospective customer but have yet to receive an answer, chances are, you sent it with a lackluster subject line. From a purely practical standpoint, a long subject line will get cut off in most inboxes. Better Sales Emails Start With The Subject Lines. Here Are 5 Ways To Fix Yours to Make Sure Your Company’s Emails Stay Out of the Spam Folder

B2B emails: To HTML or not to HTML? To my surprise, the choice between using or not using HTML for B2B emails still seems to be a source of serious debate among marketers. “Because we’re dealing with B2B buyers, and they expect direct, one-to-one emails. And plain text gets around filters because filters don’t like images.” “Not really, and that’s certainly not what I get in my inbox, either.” This faulty habit of eschewing HTML due to unwarranted concerns around deliverability and B2B audience expectations plagues many marketers. Here’s the case for why employing HTML in B2B emails is unequivocally the right choice, along with some other B2B email marketing best practices peppered in for good measure. For starters, you can code an HTML email so that it looks and feels like plain text without missing out on beneficial HTML elements, such as hyperlinks and calls to action that offer a baseline level of interactivity with the content of your emails, ultimately generating more leads and sales conversions. Additionally, HTML allows you to include unsubscribe options, a crucial component for many B2B emails. To Construct A Mailing List For Email Marketing In the digital digital age, email marketing has lasted as an essential means of reaching fans with click of a button. For such marketing to be successful however, you must first build a solid list of emails. Guest post by Jeanette Kats of the Symphonic Blog Email marketing is crucial in the digital age. It can help you reach hundreds (or thousands!) of people with the click of a button. Email marketing can help you alert your fans about about upcoming shows, releases, interviews, merch drops and more. If you already have a sturdy fan base, then you’ll want to convert those fans into email subscribers and there are many platforms in place to help make that happen. Services like MailChimp or GetResponse are the key to gaining, managing and utilizing a substantial amount of contacts. Mailchimp offers a list of options, such as automation, A/B testing, advanced analytics, landing pages and more. Memberships start at $0/month and go up to an additional $199/month depending on what your needs are. to launch a successful content marketing campaign @taylorfayebragg Taylor Bragg is a technology journalist with a particular interest in blockchain applications, brand marketing and the effect of the ever-growing digital world on businesses around the globe. Taylor also has a love for all things fashion and discovering new places. Statistics That Prove Restaurant Email Marketing Isn’t Dead (Infographic) Website Websites That Sell is a web design company made up of a mixture of marketers, designers and developers. The company founded by David Krauter in 2013.

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