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free styled stock photos

500 free styled stock photos

500 Free Styled Stock Photos

Receive some of my earliest photo work when I worked on test photo shoots, played with lenses, lighting, textures, etc. Free feminine styled stock photos are here for you to download!

Free Styled Stock Photos

Don’t we all love those pretty and feminine styled stock photos? Especially if they’re free feminine styled stock photos?

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE those photos. I love supporting other photographers who take them, happily buy them when I can’t find time to do photo shoots of my own, and love posting them on my Pinterest account.

As a blogger and semi-hobbyist photographer, I know firsthand what it’s like to burn through styled stock photos like crazy. With each blog post, you need a new image. Each page needs a fresh styled stock image. Then, don’t even get me started on social media posts and Pinterest post needs! You could easily burn through 30 images in a day if you’re blogging and marketing yourself with a lot of elbow grease.

Having sources you can turn to repeatedly for free photos would be ideal, right? Well, unfortunately, there’s only so many styled stock photos websites available, and they’re intended to just get you started if you’re starting out with blogging. For many styled stock photographers, that’s how they make their living, so if you find yourself needing a lot of styled stock photos, be prepared to shell out some dough, because it’s a worthwhile investment!

You’re encouraged to take advantage of free images on any site that offers them! However, I do recommend finding photographer you like or a handful of them. Consider continuing to support their work often on a monthly basis. Helping photographers make a living from their hard work will keep you well stocked with photos on-demand.

One of the things that is a smart investment is a styled stock photo site that offers image memberships on a quarterly or monthly basis. That way you’re receiving weekly or even daily new images to solve your image needs.

Using styled feminine photos has a way of refining the look and feel of your blog and business to help you build your brand. Believe me, I know what it’s like to work hard to build a blog. It takes time and one of the benefits of using styled stock photos is that they save you time.

That’s why these free resources for feminine stock photos are so amazing when you find them. Here are some ways you can use feminine-styled stock photos.

Build a sophisticated brand

Make pretty Pinterest pins

Make your blog posts more visually interesting

Design Instagram posts using Canva or PicMonkey

Design feminine styled quotes to be shared on Facebook

Create feminine styled newsletters

Design a feminine style blog

Styled Stock as Headers

Whether you need them for your website, blog, Etsy shop, or Pinterest, headers are digital real estate to welcome your audience and leave them with a lasting curb appeal.

Your header is the perfect space for your most important messaging or call-to-action. Be sure to pick images that have ample negative space or are composed of simple objects, so that it’s eye-catching and easy to read.

Promotional & Sales Graphics

Ready to hit publish on your cornerstone or pillar content post? Having an exclusive VIP sale on your digital or physical products? Create graphics to share those all-important updates with your audience!

Head to Canva, Photoshop, or even InDesign, select your desired graphic size, upload the free images, and start playing with text, fonts, layouts, and colors to design your promotional marketing & sales graphics.

Crisp and clear background images are key to making your graphics look professional and using consistent colors and text keeps your visuals on brand.


Struggling to create a cohesive, captivating feed but love Instagram with a passion?

Free images we’ve shared with you look beautiful together, especially as black and white, and you can sprinkle them in with your existing content.

You can also post the photos as is or crop/move/resize them in creative ways to get even more miles out of the photos you already have!

Styled Stock as for Buttons & Call to Actions

Every website has buttons you can interact with. Done right, you can add some extra flair and brand personality to your buttons with images. To do this, use a styled stock photo with text and link to your destination. Simple and fun, it’s yet another way to further define and share your brand’s visual identity.

Not the right colors in the photos? You can add your on-brand text and an on-brand colored overlays with transparency to customize the image.

Social Media Quote Images

I love motivational quotes just like everyone else. Use styled stock photos to inspire your audience and Pinterest viewers with gorgeous and emotion-provoking quote graphics.

Use a stock photo in the background, add a brand-friendly colored or patterned overlay, and then add your text on top. Both inspire and motivate with words and stunning visuals.

Pinterest Love

Working hard on your blog posts? You betcha you are! Share that wealth of knowledge and be sure to create blog post images that will capture attention and motivate your reader community to click through to the post.

A blog post image should be easy to read, include your URL or branding identifiers, and feature your on-brand colors, fonts, and text. If the image you choose matches or fits with the theme of your topic, it creates an even more effective marketing and advertising image!

With stock photos, you can also create:– Workbook Covers and Checklists – Facebook Ads – Email Newsletters – Email Sequences – Pinterest Posts – Printed Materials – Newsletter Headers – Backgrounds for Slides and Presentations – Twitter Backgrounds – Elementor Backgrounds – Product Catalogs – Product Design Mockups – and so much more!
I know exactly how hard it is to keep up with creating images for social media. Which is why I created this free bundle of styled stock photography for you to use in your business, from my lighting test collection and warm up shots. That means you can use them on your websites, blogs, and for your branding in many different ways without worry. There is no wait for your free styled stock photos for your blogs and websites. As soon as you join, you’ll be emailed and sent the link to a Dropbox folder for your exclusive access. All you need to do after you download your images is add them to your social media and project templates!
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