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The Legend Family is all about blogging hard, living hard, and playing hard! Together with Joe, my husband, I blog over at Lifeing Hard, Strawberry Soapbox, Mancave Mayhem, and Rainbow Baby Kids. The family business keeps us, well, busy. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Kerrie continues to blog, write, educate other bloggers, homeschool and manage the family household, and Joe has been busy as a videographer working on drone footage. The kids are learning Photoshop fairly quickly, and we hope to start teaching them InDesign fairly soon.

Mancave Mayhem

Mancave Mayhem started out as a garage mancave / shecave building project for home improvement. It slowed developed into a partial RV life travel blog as well, since we’re on the road so much. 

In early 2020, Joe became a commercial drone pilot, registered and all, and started filming for businesses just as a part-time gig. Back then, we didn’t know what the pandemic was going to bring, and the travel business was up in arms. Businesses in the travel industry were doing everything they could to bring more business in. One niche was campgrounds.

Since then, through word-of-mouth referrals, we’ve been traveling the country doing photo and aerial drone shoots for campgrounds at their most busiest, filled times of the week: the weekend. 

I do more of the ground footage, but help Joe with cutting and editing film from the drone camera. It was a business model that simply fell in our lap.

We still plan to talk about mancaves and building she-caves and she-sheds, but for now, the focus seems be on RV life and RVing/camping etiquette. There are a TON of rude, entitled people out there on the road believe me!

While we’re at campgrounds, we stick to ourselves, do our work, and move on. One could say we always “set up”, meaning, we have all the gear to make ourselves feel at home. Satellite dish with a King Tailgator, fifth wheels and trucks to house our big family of eight and two dogs (sadly, no cat yet), an outdoor fire pit, Weber grill, fridge, the works. So we’re pretty comfy when we travel, which makes doing these jobs around the contiguous 48 states worthwhile.

Lifeing Hard

Lifeing Hard started out as a lifestyle blog, and I’m still working out the details on everything I want to cover there. I always find cool things and do a lot of shopping on Amazon, so when I find tools or gadgets online that make life so much better, I try to share them there. But it’s still a growing blog, and I hope to give more attention to it once my site audit project here is done in June.

Lifeing Hard was intended to be more of a funny blog about everyday lifeing, mistakes that were made, people or things I end up blaming due to those mistakes, you know. Everyday kind of stuff. I don’t have a lot of baking fails (sorry) and most of the mishaps that our family runs into are just plain silly.

Mostly related to storage containers and my abundance of lids without the actual container. I have a feeling many of my good storage containers are in the kids’ sandbox. Along with my good kitchen scissors, some socks, and my spiffy gardening spike. Just going on a hunch here.

But when and if I can document them, I will be happy to. Until then, I’ll try to share funny stuff related to life with a ton of kids, camping, weirdness, and the occasional pizza burning (oh, the tragedy).

Strawberry Soapbox

Strawberry Soapbox used to be our soap company on Etsy. When we up and sold our house in 2017, I started blogging again, but could not keep up with orders on our Etsy and home shop on our website, so we had to quit manufacturing. After fulfilling our last soap order, I felt sad.

But this did lead to other opportunities. I started working on digital products that didn’t require our machine shed anymore. My non-compete agreement with my former employer was almost expired, too, so I could start design work and selling again.

What I want to do with Strawberry Soapbox is teach others how to build Etsy shops and help their shops rank via SEO. It absolutely SUCKS when you work hard on a product, and know that it’s great, only to not have it discovered. It could be a combination of photos, images, listing description, tags, keywords, or even price.

There are so many variables to play with when you’re building a shop, and after years of selling on online marketplaces, I have gleamed some knowledge and experience. Working with listings, tweaking them, making listings must-have purchases for buyers, are all things that you learn as you grow as a seller online.

Rainbow Baby Kids

Someday, when there’s time, I want to turn this site into a community for moms struggling with fertility. Not to offer any health-related advice, of course, but to be a sounding board and resource for parents struggling with miscarriages, fertility issues, and so on. Joe and I are so fortunate to have our six boys. But they didn’t come to use without several miscarriages in the process, even between healthy pregnancies. Almost all of our boys are rainbow babies, growing up to be healthy kids. Thank goodness we haven’t hit the ‘tween’ stage yet, but it’s coming.

Maybe someday we’ll start a homeschooling resource site using this website domain, as well. It’s too early yet to know how it’ll develop, and it’ll take some time to build and construct. But eventually, we’ll get there.

Kerrie Legend

This website isn’t strictly a blog about how to blog. I run a full-time design template shop on top of it, and am a full-time author.

I think there’s many websites that talk about how to blog without actually blogging about anything in particular, or selling anything outside of ‘how to blogging’. Which, in my opinion, is hypocritical, because you should at least have a successful standalone blog that is generating income and profit before you start blogging about how to blog.

This particular blog has a high-conversion rate. I’ve worked very hard at my lead magnet development skills, know how to convert, and make every attempt to educate my readers as much as I can through email and lead magnet guides.

I am working hard at getting a process that works for me to start doing more YouTube videos, but it’s still a skill I’m working at and that, too, will take time. But stick with me, and grow with me! I’m quite good at writing; do a lot of it, and tend to be conversational in my voice through written word. If that’s your thing, you and I will be fast friends for a long time.

Blog Happy

I started Blog Happy with the intent to focus on working at home full-time and talking a bit about motivation, things to make working from home easier, how to be more productive at home, and build a blog for additional income.

But at the same time, I wanted to have an outlet to help college women become financially independent, so they could not feel pressured into stereotype lifestyles. Go to college, find a boyfriend, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids. There’s so much more to life and many worldly experiences to have young college-age women can do before committing to this kind of lifestyle.

Plus, not having to ever rely on a partner/spouse/husband financially has its own power, and can be useful in the event of break-ups and divorce.

But we’ll see how that blog churns and what comes out of it. Time will tell!

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