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Pinterest Marketing Amplification – the Book

New Pinterest Book Helps You Amplify Your Presence Why amplify on Pinterest? Isn’t pinning 4 images per post or page enough? Shouldn’t looping pins keep my content in front of Pinterest users? Is paying for tribes in Tailwind really worth it? Why should I worry about spreading out my images and ... READ the POST

Quantity vs. Quality Content?

I'm a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk's content, and regularly read and watch his posts and vlogs simply because he's kind of a no-nonsense, get-it-done, pro-entrepreneur kind of guy. Gary was asked the ultimate content question: quality or quantity? What should be my focus? He said quantity, and backed ... READ the POST

100 Pinterest Marketing Business Tips

New release! 100 Pinterest Marketing Business Tips covers my very best tips for marketing with Pinterest, including some aspects of blogging, landing pages, email marketing, and writing excellent copy. Loved writing this book on Pinterest marketing business tips! You'll find this helpful if ... READ the POST

Email Marketing Magic: Lead Magnets, Sales Funnels, Opt-in Freebies, and Content Upgrades – from Amateur to Expert

Master email marketing and create swoon-worthy lead magnets, opt-in freebies, content upgrades, and learn how to write a custom sales funnel that reflects your brand and unique voice.  If you have struggled with what to send your audience, have low-converting sales from email marketing, or ... READ the POST

The evil blank cursor taunts you from a white screen as you try to figure out what to send your email list. Your freebie incentive just isn’t working. You get maybe a few signups every month, but the unsubscribes cancel out your growth. You’re not growing your email list. You know that email sequences work, but yours is sad, pitiful, or it’s not bringing in sales like you had hoped.


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