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My lead magnet designs are on fire! Today my patrons and members got another Canva template as part of their monthly or lifetime membership. This is the Pink Moodboard Goal Workbook. I love this one and it’s unique from everything else you see on the shops because there’s a built-in iPad mockup and iPencil. Plus, there’s some clipboard and notebook paper that’s custom made, and makes it a nice feature for some of your challenges, goals or other types of lead magnets.

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Members get new designs EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It’s a great membership! If you want the lifetime access, you get everything in the shop. But if you’re just really into templates, then you can check out the $30/month option. And you can always cancel at any time, too. There’s over $300 in templates available! Check out what kind of stuff you get access to every month below!

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