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Not wanting to use generic Canva templates, having a hard time picking one out that matches your brand, or needing more than just one or two templates for your branding needs?

There’s no rush with this membership! Download anything/everything you want to use within your membership, and still be able to use all your downloads outside of your membership.

Create better lead magnets and be inspired by creative design, colors, layouts, all of which can be modified for your brand.

Save money! You’ll have all kinds of Canva templates you’d ever want in a membership. Everything from social media to ebooks and workbooks. Everything you see in my shop is available in the membership (except courses and wedding invites).


Create ebooks within minutes without committing yourself to one specific template set?

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the 3-Month template membership!

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over 5000 Canva templates

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Over 5000 to choose from, but because you have them all to use, you’ll never have to choose or over-spend on templates again! Plus… I take requests!

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“The BEST Etsy purchase I’ve ever made, period. My site had been set up by another designer who did as little as possible and I am not bashing anyone but wow what a difference when I began working with Kerrie! She listened to what I wanted which was super generic and I am not tech savvy but she was always so great to do what I needed and not make me feel like it was anything other than what she was there for. My site is GORGEOUS and is the exact upgrade I needed, I only wish I had found her sooner! You will NOT be disappointed, Kerrie is every business owners dream!!”

– Lauryn Marie, Professional Makeup Artist

HEY, i'm kerrie!

I’m a graphic designer and mom of 6, and create templates for non-designer types as well as busy entrepreneurs who don’t want to fuss with designing things from scratch.

Canva templates are one of my favorite things to create for others to benefit from and enjoy! But I also prepare images, stock photos, and brand assets.

My members are always excited to have new design releases each and every week, so they can create new designs and digital assets for their brands.

join today to access ALL my templates!

Start creating amazing lead magnets and social media graphics that reflect your brand and convert lurkers into buyers!


Everything from my bestselling Canva template bundles to Instagram puzzles! You’ll be able to create lead magnets, opt-in freebies, eBooks, workbooks, course materials, social media posts, covers, and blog graphics galore.

Very. You’ll have access to my membership portal, which contains download sheets to every Canva template set, link, or digital product. Most everything is available in a PDF download, making your Canva links accessible and easy to load.

Weekly! I always put the largest collection available for a set or design type in the membership portal on a weekly basis, so just like a styled stock photo membership, you constantly have access to new designs to keep your look fresh, new and interesting.

I have a form at the bottom of the membership portal to let me know if you have an issue with any download link. I take a look, and get back to you with a fresh link or solution.

No, and absolutely not. You’ll receive a reminder email that your membership is about to expire, but I do not do auto-billing or charge your card for another 3 months. You can always renew your membership at any time to continue to receive amazing design assets.

With the exception of my courses and wedding invitations, all my Canva templates are available in the membership portal.

Of course! During your membership I’m happy to replace links if you need them (sometimes they exhaust or need a fresh link), and am happy to make sure you can access the right files. You must have an active membership to receive support on templates and any of my files.

Of course! I have an ebook you can download that will give you a ton of ideas on how to best use my templates and get the most value out of your membership.

“Kerrie reached out to me right after I bought and made sure I got everything I needed. Excellent customer service!”

Tammy, Etsy Customer 


Kerrie has a beautiful eye for detail and offers so many templates/layouts that make anyone shine. She is professional and on top of her design game. She is upfront, quick with customer service and it is a pleasure doing business with her. I highly recommend Kerrie as one of the BEST!”

Denise Riley, Etsy Customer


“These templates are gorgeous, well-designed, and easy to use. Believe me- I’ve spent WAY too much time fighting with templates I haven’t really wanted to use recently. Within minutes, I made a first draft of a worksheet that’s part of a class I’m working on.

What’s more, when I had a question, Kerrie responded lightning fast, and was very helpful and easy to work with. THANK YOU!”

Abigail Zieger, Etsy Customer

join today to access ALL my templates!

Start creating amazing lead magnets and social media graphics that reflect your brand and convert lurkers into buyers!


1. Only the purchaser may access the membership portal.

2. Only the purchaser may use and access the digital files therein.

3. No files may be resold, modified and resold, used for resale, distributed, or shared with other parties.

4. Only 1 IP address per membership permitted.

5. Finished file for any project must be .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .MOV, or .PDF.

6. I reserve the right to review membership order requests to validate billing, verify identity, and check for fraud. I do not allow members in the member portal who are in the business of social media management or design creation services, or serving mass numbers of clientele. This membership is for personal and own business use, and not for multiple client use.

Pinterest Visual Search Tool

How to Use Pinterest’s Visual Search Tool

Use the Pinterest Visual Search Tool for a variety of reasons! Learn more about the ways I personally use it in my business and what you can learn from the results.

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Hey, I’m Kerrie Legend. I’m determined to help you master the art of creating lead magnets.

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About Kerrie Legend

She is a writer, graphic designer, and Pinterest nerd. BFA in Graphic Design, a BS in Marketing, and minored in computer science, Spanish, and Business Administration. Classical pianist. Prolific and bestselling author of Pinterest Marketing, and boundary-pushing template creator. Goat wrangler and mommy to six adorable boys.

Pinterest Marketing
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create your lead magnet

A 60+ page interactive comprehensive guide and workbook to help you master the art of creating lead magnets.

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