Need ideas for what to put in your email newsletter?

Do you struggle sometimes with writing your newsletter?

Like, you’re just not sure what to say?

This is your chance to correct your content in your newsletter and emails and WOW. YOUR. AUDIENCE.

This is a 56-page workbook and planning guide for writers, bloggers, and authors. If you’re having a hard time coming up with content for your newsletter other than “buy my book” or “buy my product”, this workbook and planning guide is the solution to that particular challenge.

Within this workbook and email newsletter planner, you’ll find 176 content prompts categorized by content blocks that you can use to have a balanced newsletter that follows the Pareto principle, 10 example email layouts with content blocks laid out for you so that your emails stay fresh, unique, and authentically you.

Includes email newsletter checklists, charting progress for email list growth, content planning calendar (undated), and more.

Give your audience more of what they’re interested in and go beyond standard promotional emails!


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