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Welcome to today’s Friday Freebie! Today you’re getting a blog checklist that I like to use and recommend for when you’re composing the perfect blog post. I hope you find it helpful!

This checklist is just one of the perks of having the Fresh Start Workbook and Planning Guide in your blogging binder or content planning arsenal. You can reprint it as many times as you need. Download it in the resource library.

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Want to get really organized this year? Download my Millionaire Blogger Fresh Start Workbook and Planning Guide to get your content planned, your keywords researched, and all your ideas for the year down on paper. It’s the blogger’s and author’s best friend for this year.

What are other people saying about this workbook and planning guide?

Kerrie Legend has come up with an incredibly useful product, aimed especially at bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs. This (Dec 2018) would be an excellent time to begin with this, since it starts with a year-in-review section. This part is a series of good questions about you did, what you tried, what worked well, etc. Called “Celebrate the Past’, the queries are all of a positive nature. Next, “Back to Basics” include an Executive Summary, a Blog Business Description, Competitor Analysis, Audience Research, and Building Community. Following are sections on Products or Service (WHAT will hopefully bring in the dollars – and Marketing and Sales Strategy (HOW you will make those dollars flow to you.) A comprehensive Blog Style Guide ends this section. Strategy and Results, the next section include Future Planning — Ideas, Keyword Ideas. a “monthly calendar” for web stats, and quite unique, a Hashtag Sheet with suggested hashtags for Writers, Designer/Creatives, Bloggers, and Career Woman/Positive Vibes. A section for Prioritizing, aimed at getting income in ASAP is a welcome addition, as is a page on Visualization.
Next comes the detailed record-keeping section. Each month has a monthly review, with room for Triumphs, Challenges, a Persist & Persevere bucket and a place for Tweaks, Gratitude and Goals/Adjustments. There are places for “this month’s theme”, Focus Areas, a To-Do list, Key Connections, “I Want to Learn”, New things to do and Goals. Each month that begins a new Quarter has a 90 Day Planner. Pages for Blog Post Ideas, Brainstorming, Weekly Planners with its own to-do list and day-to-day schedule for each week are in each month’s section.
Several business checklists for blog posts and info products follow, then several pages of single words with a checkbox for each listed as Core Values. A month-per-page calendar planner conclude the workbook.
Extensive? Yes. Exhausting? Not really. Ask me again in January 2020, after I spend a year with this very useful tool.

~ Simon Mayeski

This workbook is a superbly-formatted, insightful guide to organising your blogging goals throughout the year. Specifically targeted at writers and creative types, the open-ended questions in this planner promote focussing on the key things that you have to offer via your blog, and how to begin to formalise your online presence.
In terms of additional value, author Kerrie Legend has also included tips on how to broaden the reach of your posts, as well as guidance on SEO, some extensive hashtag lists targeted by market segment, and app recommendations.

~ JC Steel, Author

This is the perfect planner for your blog/business. I love how detailed it is with thought-provoking questions for clarity and informed decisions in the New Year. 
The planner is divided into sections that track the different aspects of your business or blog; what worked, what didn’t and how you can implement what worked in 2019
Celebrate your past is a section to describe your past year and your accomplishments. The questions in this section are aimed at shining a light on what worked and how you can do more of that in the coming year. 
Back to basics takes you back to your why, who you serve and what you offer them. This helps you gain clarity on the products and services to sell in your business even for beginners. 
Blog business description is filled with questions to really define your brand and how to show up. To create a standout brand, the brainstorm in this section on your uniqueness will be an advantage and a differentiator in your Industry. 
Products and services brainstorm, marketing and sales strategy outline and blog style guide for a clear map on the things to create, how to market them and the style your blog/business embraces to make it unique. 
The planner is also filled with monthly track sheets, hashtag sheets, day to day schedule, quarterly business trackers and project assessment guide. 
This is a detailed and thorough planner for 2019 to track the progress of my blog and growth. It is a product I can recommend to a friend and anyone who wants to organize their business, make informed decisions and track their progress this coming year. 
You won’t regret investing in this product; in fact you will look forward to the year 2020 version. 
I received this item free in exchange for a review. This is an honest opinion based on my experience with this planner.

~ Jacinta Ruth

Get your copy and get organized!

have fun blogging again!

access the resource library and get a surge of knowledge and creativity flowing again

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