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NOW is the Time to Write.

The mind is a limitless place to wander in your own thoughts. The number of stories, scenarios, and amount of information that your brain has absorbed is practically endless. NOW is the time to write the stories, to write your thoughts, to inform others of your knowledge and experiences, and to share your imagination.

Why is writing becoming so popular now? Self-publishing is at an all-time high, but only few succeed in making their book a smashing success. What is going to separate you from everyone else? Getting the book finished and authenticity.

Stop procrastinating. Begin by writing. Take it in small increments, work in small sessions of 20 minutes, and see how many words you can conjure up to create your first masterpiece. YOU can do this. I know you can.

One amazing resource on productivity and getting the writing done is Allie Pleiter, who has published over 40 books in her writing career, and serves as a coach to many writers, who may be struggling with different aspects of getting the writing done.

So I recommend working with Allie if you’re struggling. Because those who get the books written, the content developed, and the courses created are the ones who win. You can’t sell a draft or an unwritten book. 

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