Over 3000 Students Have Taken This Pinterest Course – Thank You!

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Over 3000 Students Have Taken This Pinterest Course - Thank You!Over the weekend I was checking in with some of my Learn Pinterest Strategy course students and realized I had just turned over 3000 enrollments – my jaw dropped. After launching my course last year, I figured that no one would even be interested in it. I mean, after all, there are some free ones out there (but they don’t go into as much detail) and there are some really expensive courses, too.

3000+ students and counting. I just have to give a shout out to everyone and say “thank you!” I’m glad people are getting value out of the course and appreciate the behind-the-scenes views into my own account on Pinterest, Tailwind and BoardBooster (which many Pinterest courses will NOT do).

Why is Pinterest so valuable now more than ever? Facebook and Instagram are moving towards platforms that are pay-to-play. For many marketers, bloggers and people just starting out, the budgets just aren’t there. The engagement and buying power isn’t there. (Pinterest users have 18% higher disposable income). Wouldn’t you rather grow your email list, make sales and create some happy customers – like you always dreamed of doing?

If you’ve ever thought about how Pinterest can help you get email subscribers and increase your sales, I encourage you to consider taking my course. I focus on delivering value and creating pins that stand out – so that you don’t fall into the trap of doing what everyone else is doing. Plus, because Pinterest is often misunderstood for the power that it has and what it could actually be used to do for your business, it’d be good for you to learn the strategies behind it that you could benefit from.

You can take my course for just $49. It’ll be the most lucrative and beneficial, rewarding $49 that you’ve ever spent. Maybe you’ve been on the fence. Maybe you need someone to tell you what angles to work on Pinterest and how it could apply to your business. My students each get a 30 min. consultation with me to go over their account and strategy. A lot is conquered in those sessions.

If you’ve been using Pinterest and have been trying to figure out how people are dominating it, and need help, by all means, purchase this course and get moving. Time is money, my friends. Stop wasting time trying to build your list other ways with expensive leads and what not. Get people coming to YOU – they’re searching for YOU – let’s make it easy for them to find you and buy from you.

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