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Why You Should Use a Landing Page

Landing pages are great to try and use because they give you valuable feedback. For one, they allow you to test your images and web copy. Is what you're saying resonating with your audience? Are you converting visitors to customers? Or, when someone lands on a page, do they bail? Landing pages give ... READ the POST

Trends to Watch for 2019

Creative designers and influencers dictate what is hot and what is not - and often we've made those decisions long in advance before you even realize it! Great design and social media changes happen in large spurts every 6 months, if you've been watching carefully. What you think is still popular ... READ the POST

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

Reblogging this amazing list post from Shelf Life. This is quite an extensive list, and I'm not exactly sure what qualifies each book to be listed. But, if you look through the list, I'm sure you'll probably see some books you've already read, either in high school, college, or in your adult life. ... READ the POST

30 Inspiring Pinterest Boards for Authors and Writers

Pinterest isn't just for finding the perfect recipe, finding bookish crafts to do or visually planning your storyline. Nope. It's so much more than that. Used correctly, it can be your go-to-place for marketing, inspiration, ideas, and income. If you want to find inspiration that is bookish, ... READ the POST