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You’re seeing me create a lot of stuff… constantly putting out creative products that will help you save time, be more efficient, stylish, and get the job done. I love creating, and I love that you’re loving my work. You’re awesome.
To give you as much benefit and access to my creations as possible, I set up a Patreon membership so you can choose what you want to support. Each tier contains “levels” of content access. As you go higher up on the tier, you get more stuff, and each tier includes the lower tier contents, as well.
Here are your options!
Love Your Work! Members $5
For anyone who loves to support research, case studies, information how-to posts, discoveries, triumphs and fails. Includes blog discoveries, testing, and unlisted YouTube videos & podcasts.
Mockup Members $15
Unlimited mockup and hero images each month. Includes everything in Love Your Work! membership.
Template Members $30
Unlimited templates & mockups. Includes everything in lower tiers, as well. So you’d get my famous 1500+ Canva template set for $30 and then even more each month as long as you’re a patron!
Ruby’s Readers $50
Get pictures of my dog, Ruby, helping or encouraging me to write looking cute while I put words on paper. Plus, you’ll receive access to all my books to date along with accompanying workbooks, and future books. Includes access to lower tiers, also.
Creative Influencers – Whole Shop Access – lifetime one time fee $97
For one payment (non-recurring) receive all courses, workbooks, mockups, ebooks, templates, and all future content created. Includes only one payment instead of monthly. Everything in my shop is yours for a one-time fee. That’s pretty awesome.
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