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As an author, are you going to want to be on Pinterest as an active platform to market your book? The answer is a resounding yes. Here’s why (and you can watch the video too, by all means.)

  • Pinterest has over 200 million users.
  • 50% of those users are international (outside the US).
  • 80% of users shop and pin on Pinterest using their mobile device.
  • 100+ billion pins exist on Pinterest
  • 72% of pinners find new brands, products and services on Pinterest

Let me tell you a little bit about Pinterest and why it’s relevant for authors. Pinterest is where people plan their lives, and if people are planning, they may be choosing or discovering what they’ll be wanting to read or watch next. People on Pinterest are open to new possibilities and ideas. Because of this, you’re going to get strong results. This is a search engine; not social media like some people will tell you.

I’ve seen some horrible advice about Pinterest being given to authors – “create boards about your book and what you like as an author” – “pin your favorite recipes and fashion items so they can get to know you better”. This is some of the worst advice you can get as a marketer on Pinterest – because those things are not relevant to search or even to your reader.

On Pinterest, you’re going to find highly-engaged users who are searching for inspiration and products to buy. You’re not going to get a conversion to your books if you’re pinning the latest fashion trends or your favorite waffle recipes. That’s just not how this platform works. You WILL get a conversion, like I have, if you focus on keywords and visual imagery, along with the main issue – relevance to search.

Every single niche in the book market is represented on Pinterest. This can be verified simply by doing a search and watching the example keywords people have used in the search bar pull up.

Because Pinterest is such a huge opportunity to grow your email list, too, without having to give your book away for free, I’ve focused my attention on developing a course specific to authors and how to set up your Pinterest account and website to help you dominate this platform and sell more books.

The best part? It drives endless traffic to your website, increases your subscriber list, and the pins don’t disappear. As long as you keep the pin up, it will get saved by hundreds if not thousands of people for as long as Pinterest is around.

Let me show you how to do everything you need to do and learn about Pinterest – take my course!

create your lead magnet

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She is a writer, graphic designer, and Pinterest nerd. BFA in Graphic Design, a BS in Marketing, and minored in computer science, Spanish, and Business Administration. Classical pianist. Prolific and bestselling author of Pinterest Marketing, and boundary-pushing template creator. Goat wrangler and mommy to six adorable boys.

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create your lead magnet

A 60+ page interactive comprehensive guide and workbook to help you master the art of creating lead magnets.

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