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Compass Email Sequence Funnel Template


You’re thrilled about all the educational content and problem-solving solutions you have to share, but you’re also not “thrilled” about having to write all kinds of sales-y promotional emails. 

Newsflash: There’s a way to educate, inform, and bring awareness to your products and services without having to do “big launch” type promotional funnels. Especially the icky kind where you’re pushing, pushing, pushing to get sales. What if you could educate, while also talking about your reader’s needs, wants, desires, goals, and what their life could be like, and connect with them based on emotion? Rather than just features, benefits, and testimonials with a glaring call to action?

Introducing the Compass Email Sequence Funnel Template collection, written by Kerrie Legend.

Each email focuses on an emotion, and tells an ongoing story. Designed to transition directly from the Welcome Sequence collection, the Compass funnel is a hybrid of nurturing and product awareness that both educates and motivates your reader to take action. Because of how Compass is written, you can use it for any product and service you want to inform your reader about, while also focusing on their goals, challenges, wants, needs, questions, and be able to see your products in action—how they help others and what it would look like for your reader. 

While nurturing funnels (educational content, blog posts, etc.) are great, the Compass funnel takes the best out of both product launch and nurturing funnels and combines those features together in this 2-part collection. Collection 1 has 12 email templates, designed to give in-depth information about one key piece of information about your solutions from initial awareness to complete awareness (email list below). Collection 2 has 4 emails in a more condensed version of the 12, so you can have a user complete a funnel in 4 days, rather than a longer duration. Both have their purpose; some higher-ticket solutions require more in-depth information, and 12 emails leading up to it would be appropriate. The 4-email version is ideal for lower-risk items and services, where more high-level information is sufficient to get conversion.

Swipe the 2 set collection of 16-email sequence funnels to educate and bring awareness to your solutions for easier conversion.

Hiring a copywriter can be spendy, especially if you don’t have the budget for one. But, with a little DIY and the help of a template collection, you can implement the Compass funnel into your collection of emails for seamless introduction of your educational and product content.

The Compass funnel is unique; there’s no other email sequence like it! Not only are you going to provide educational assistance to your reader, and give them helpful articles and downloads they need to take positive steps forward, but at the same time, you’ll be introducing and explaining the solutions you already have in place or intend to launch. This funnel satisfies all the awareness levels your reader needs to go through in order to be well-informed about their needs, wants, goals, and challenges that are ahead.

Designed to take your reader for a spin on the compass wheel, these emails relate to directional choices and information, making them both interactive and choice-based, allowing for the reader to make selections that best suit their needs. The Compass Sequence email funnel template collection contains 16 email templates in all, including:

  • The Attention-Grabbing Genius – Learn to grab your reader’s attention and zero in on “what could be”. This email stirs the genius “ah ha” moments for your reader’s brain. It encourages your reader to think big, confront the issue with a “what if”, and lets them think of their own challenge in a different light. This your chance to show them how things *could* be with you as their sidekick. You’re guiding your reader towards the Northern Star.
  • The Motivated Goal-Maker – Get your reader motivated to make positive change with your products and services, with the Motivated Goal-Maker. Designed to reintroduce the goals you set from the Welcome Sequence collection, this email further details on the specifics of the goals you’d like your reader to achieve, and sets up alignment with your products and services. Heading slightly East towards sunnier days, you’ll help your reader see the light and set positive goals. This is the email that motivates!
  • The Frustration of the Challenge – Every reader who is currently experiencing a challenge is going to feel frustration. Learn how to word and mirror those feelings and sentiments with this email template, and swap out emotions to fit the mood of the challenge, so you can reuse the template multiple times without ever sounding the same for each of your funneled products. Sometimes we play a little close to the sun, and get burned by challenges. This is due East, where the obstacles are hot.
  • Introduction Curiosity Satisfier – This email officially introduces your product or service in a big way! Pique their curiosity by showing and telling your reader all about your new product/service by highlighting the goals it satisfies, and the challenges it’ll help your reader overcome. This is also where you’ll introduce low-key pricing. And because things can go South when you introduce a new product / service, this template gears you up for battling defensive readers who are going to armor up.
  • The Armored-Up Need – Things have officially turned South! Your reader might be all armored up and defensive, certain that they don’t need a product or service like yours. How do you convince them? This email template shows you how, with cleverly-written disarmoring phrasing and language. Plus, you’ll see how to highlight needs they have to reach a level of success they weren’t aware of.
  • Interest & Desire Creator – Go west, young person! There’s gold in those hills, and you’re about to help your reader strike it rich. We’re creating an intense, deep desire and interest for your products / services by showing them what “could be”. Lovely before and afters, comparisons, seeing your product / service in use, testimonials and more. This email tells the story of success for themselves, and for others, as well. We want them desiring and longing for their own copy or personalized service.
  • The Logical Why Confusion-Buster – Why would anyone need or want your product? You’re going to remove all feelings of confusion here. This is where you spell everything out with logic, and make the argument. This is also. the email template where you will learn, from the footnotes, how to present your product / service as better and unique in comparison to your competitors or to “others” out there. You’re going to quash confusion, set the record straight, and present facts. Even statistics and other data! Part education and product awareness!
  • The Benefits Worry-Killer – What are the benefits to your products / services being presented in this Compass funnel? In this email template, you’ll learn how to remove worries and doubts, and kill their feelings of anxiety. The benefits differ from the features, because its not about what’s inside the box, it’s how their life will change as a result of investing with you.
  • FAQs and Features Doubt-Smasher – Smash all doubt that your product isn’t going to work for them. In this email template, you’ll answer questions in a casual yet professional manner, and remove all worries and doubts. Your products and services are top-notch, and their investment will get them going places they have longed to see. You’ll discuss features and answer all the questions. We’re headed North!
  • Worrisome Mistakes & Risk Reducer – Your reader is going to be worried about making an investment. What if it doesn’t work out for them? What if they’re confused about how to implement your products and services? What if they don’t get the results they could? This meticulously-worded email template helps you reduce risks to your reader through reassurance and guides them through whether or not this product / service is for them. How will you support them if they get lost? Again, you’re guiding your reader to find their way, and giving them the choice.
  • Confident Call to Action – It’s officially time to jump on the boat or get left behind! This email template is the definitive call-to-action, with options on sense of urgency, what will happen if they don’t invest, and helps them take the leap with you with confidence and a sense of purpose; eyes bright and hands ready to do the good work! Gives you multiple options in each area based on what you want the email to do: 1) act now before it’s too late 2) countdown to a sale ending 3) limited inventory 4) limited seats available 5) what will continue to happen if they don’t invest now 6) recap the features, benefits, testimonials and 7) a bonus feature promotion with investment today.
  • The Reassuring Support System – This email template is the reassuring support they’ll receive if your reader invests, and is their last chance (without pushing too hard) to invest. This is the moment where they need to act on that saved cart because some action (dictated by you) is about to happen. 1) Gone forever 2) Closing until a specific date 3) Launch pricing ending 4) Waitlist pending, or 5) Other. This email is carefully worded to nudge them a bit more towards your product, thanks those who did invest, and what it means for them in the future. It creates excitement, that “due North” mentality that they’re going places with you, and finalizes the funnel, so you can move on to the next product/service.
  • 4 condensed email templates that include wording and phrasing from each email template above, embedded with 3 emails on each condensed version.

What’s Inside:

  • Instant access to the template in a 50+ page, beautiful PDF digital download file format (compatible with PDF reader programs, like Preview, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.) Includes footnotes from Kerrie Legend to describe the purpose of the sentence / paragraph, how to customize it, and ideas for modifying the area for other uses.
  • Additional access to the email text template in Evernote file format (easy to copy/paste and edit text from Evernote to your email marketing subscription service).
  • Future template updates
  • 16 product awareness and educational email templates to personalize and enhance your reader’s knowledge about your products and solutions, along with their own needs, wants, desires, goals, and challenges.

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