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Welcome, lovely reader! I like to have a “start here” page on my site just to make it abundantly obvious on where to get started when visiting my site. After your first visit here, you don’t need to come back to this page. This is merely an orientation of what you can expect to find, what you’ll get, and how you can participate as part of my reading community! Here you’re going to find blogging advice, Pinterest info (resident expert here), email marketing tips and tricks, information about business systems I use and recommend, as well as which ones to avoid, and copywriting help, so you can write better copy.

The topics I talk about on my blog are below. You can sign up for all resource libraries, or just the ones you are most interested in.

Step 1

Register for an account on the site! You’ll need this to access the resource libraries. A confirmation email will be sent, and then you’ll be able to log in and access extra materials. 

Without it, you’re toast.

So I highly recommend starting with this step firstly so you can start accessing the resource libraries straight away. The other thing that it’ll do is get you set up on the website in the event you want to take a course or two. Because learning is cool…

The second step is below. You can sign up for your ideal content topics. Will you choose just general blogging advice? Pinterest? Or email marketing, perhaps? Copywriting has a lot of storytelling involved… if you’re into stories. There was this one time, at band camp…

Or… will you press the Yahtzee button and go with the whole enchilada of emails being delivered neatly to your inbox? Your choice! I’ll respect whatever you choose.

Resource Library

Step 2

Sign up to get targeted help with some of my focus areas of expertise. You might be here to get Pinterest help, or you might need email marketing ideas. Or, maybe your sales copy needs a jump start. Whatever you’re here for, you get to decide the kind of content that arrives in your inbox!

Don’t want to sign up individually for each list? Get them all in one swoop.

Blogging & Business Advice

Sharing triumphs and failures about my journey with blogging will help you on your path toward success! Learn from some of my mistakes, and join me with some of my massive successes.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is my jam. If you want consistent website traffic without having to pay for ads to get it, and if you love visual marketing, too, this may be for you.

email marketing & lead magnets

I believe that you have to act like a guest whenever you email someone. You can be uninvited from someone’s inbox at any time! This means, I’m not about to show you ways to be super sales-y. It DOES mean, I’m going to show you how to act like you’re an honored guest.

Blogging Advice, Pinterest, Email Marketing & Copywriting

I have four free resource library pages, specific to various topics covered on the blog, with some neat downloads (workbooks, worksheets, templates, etc.) for you to enjoy that are social media and book publishing related. Once you add yourself to the library, you’ll have instant access. You can check those out at your leisure.

There’s a ton of blogging advice out there; I’m glad you’re here to learn from me, my experiences, and hopefully, as I gain your trust, you’ll see that my recommendations and advice makes good common sense. 

If you want even MORE fun, and even MORE free things, then you’ll want to sign up as an ARC reader and be on my team. I release several books throughout the year, so if you enjoy learning new things before everyone else and reviewing books, this is your chance to get on board!

Learn more about me on my About page, so we can get to know each other better! Learn about the books I wrote to help you with blogging and growing your business, and see what kind of work I do.

Insider Tips

When you get on my email list, you’re signing up for insider tips and personal insight from me directly on the subject topic you’re most interested in. For example, there are Pinterest updates and changes to the platform practically every other week. (Yes, it’s really that often if you pay attention!). Other updates I make are announcements and changes to platforms like to Flodesk, Elementor, WordPress, and Zapier that I think may interest you.

Now that it’s 2021, I’ve been focusing a great deal on search engine optimization (SEO). Just when you think you have SEO down for Pinterest… SEO for your website will open up a whole can of fresh worm beans. I have thoughts on all of this. Things that I found useful (ahem, SEMRush audits) and what I learned during the process. I have planned a whole slew of emails on this for 2021 to share my journey from hundreds (ok, fine, thousands) of errors and warnings on my site from the audit to zero, zip, nada. And OMG–it was quite a journey, let me tell you.

Search engine optimization is like the holy grain of website traffic. And it’s the one thing I haven’t focused on with great interest since I started blogging. But this year, is the year. What else will I discover? This is where trailblazing through things becomes fortified blogging advice.

Nuances. Observations. Thoughts. That’s what you’ll get from me, and most of the time it’s without a sales pitch. More of a ‘hey, in case you didn’t know this…’

I think people in general shy away from signing up from email lists because they’ll be inundated with a plethora of emails trying to sell you something all the time. I view myself as a guest in your inbox. Much like Katherine Newbury’s line from “Late Night”, “I hope I’ve earned the privilege of your time“, I want to earn your reading time. I know there’s a ton of other emails and stuff online you could be reading, but I promise you, I’ll make every attempt to make your time worth it with me.

Cornerstone Content

Don’t you just love WordPress and Yoast combined? I love how it suggests making certain pieces that you’ve written ‘cornerstone‘ content.

How to Start a Successful & Profitable Blog

I have some pieces of cornerstone worth sharing with you. Maybe you’re new to blogging or are thinking about starting a blog. If so, I have a fairly in-depth essay on how to start a blog, the resources I recommend to use, and how to get started blogging. You can find that on my page, ‘How to Start a Successful & Profitable Blog‘. I do hope you find it uber-helpful! 

When we talk about successful and profitable blogs, I mean beyond making money from affiliate income. I want you to be able to live a life where you wake up in the morning and don’t have to report to anyone. You don’t work for anyone. You get to create whatever it is what you do and are so financially comfortable you make people wonder what the hekkin’ you do for a living that allows you the freedom of flexibility and time. 

THAT to me is success. If that matches what you’re looking for, then follow me. If not, you’re still welcome here, but I may not be for you. I want bloggers that learn from me to be people who dictate what they do during the day, and be able to relax and de-stress whenever they need to. 

Part of what I love about running our blogs is that I have that kind of flexibility. I can wake up at 9 a.m., check emails, design something new if I feel like it, and if I don’t, I have the option to write. Or, take the day off and spend it with my kids. Our family lives off of our blogs and the products we generate for them. My husband is a drone videographer, and I still do photography projects capturing regional footage with my Canon Mark IV camera. Otherwise, we blog, give advice, talk about RVing, and help people grow their own businesses from home. That’s how we roll!

Create Your Lead Magnet

For one, I am tired of receiving and getting 1-or-2 page checklists as a lead magnet from bloggers and other professionals. I think those days of using meager documents as lead magnets is over. So what I did instead was put together a comprehensive guide for you to use to show you how to build lead magnets like I do, which convert like crazy-sauce. If there’s anything worthwhile learning on this site, it’s lead magnets. I am determined to help you learn how to create quality lead magnets so you actually convert an audience into paying customers. It’s the one thing I’m really good at. (Besides my BBQ sauce).

Pinterest Marketing

Oh man, how I love Pinterest. If you want to know more about Pinterest, what works, what doesn’t, what you need to do to be seen as a blogger, and how to get wild traffic to your website, then check out Pinterest Marketing for Bloggers. It’s a FYI page on my site that will give you a ton of answers to questions you might have about Pinterest. It’s the one thing that has helped my blog propel forward and has helped me find my audience that I so craved. If you’re ever thinking ‘no one is reading what I have to say’, believe me, you’re going to find your audience on Pinterest. Everyone has an audience. It’s just a matter of finding where they are online.

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create your lead magnet

A 60+ page interactive comprehensive guide and workbook to help you master the art of creating lead magnets.

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