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How to Develop a Number-Specific Growth Strategy and Win

Let's talk about numbers. You're probably sitting at a certain number of followers, blog subscribers, and email list subscribers, thinking... how on earth am I going to grow? Maybe you're feeling... helpless? That your product isn't any good? That you're not good enough? Worth enough of even a ... READ the POST

3 Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest

Alright - this is a great post because I'm going to tell you 3 (three) ways that you can go viral on Pinterest. Exciting, right?! Who wants to go viral and have their site blow up with sales?! Me! First, we have to start with an epic post. I mean, the type that literally helps a person ... READ the POST

10 Tips & Tricks to Get Instagram Followers

More tips and tricks to work with for your Instagram account! Yay! Let's run with scissors today and be bold and dangerous. Alright - today I'm divulging 10 tips and tricks to help you with your strategy: convince people that you are an account they want to follow. The tactics we will use to get ... READ the POST

5 Methods That Work to Build Instagram Followers

Instagram is a hot platform to be on for retailers, bloggers and brands that want to make a big impact visually. So it's not surprising to me at all that you'd want to grow your Instagram follower base and wow the pants off of your audience. I, too, have been working hard at mine and it has paid ... READ the POST

5 More Visual Content Strategies

I'm going to give you 5 more visual content strategies to work with today. Remember, our goal is to increase followers and engagement, right? Right. So HOW do we do that? HOW do we get it all done and by what means? Productivity is key in any of my online strategies and within my home because if ... READ the POST

6 Things Every Blogger Should Know About Visual Marketing

Image is everything, right? It is the one thing that can either help us go viral or keep our blogs among the crickets, mildly chirping along. So... today I thought I would share 6 things every blogger should know about visual marketing. I want you to be able to go viral - to be remembered - and ... READ the POST


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