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Welcome! I have an established ARC review team for my non-fiction titles. I’d love for you to read and review my books before anyone else has a chance. And, give me feedback so I can make them the best I possibly can. If you’re interested in learning new skills, social media, Pinterest, writing, blogging, and more, please sign up below.

After you sign up, be sure to head on over to my author page at Booksprout.Co, where my ARCs are released. Also, be sure to subscribe to get access to my business resource library!

Reviewer Guidelines

Before signing up, here are a few guidelines and “rules” to know about becoming part of my ARC team, and best practices as a reviewer using Booksprout. 

1. Remember: Reviewing is optional. If you do not wish to write a review, then you should cancel your promise to review that book rather than simply ignoring it. Your reason for canceling can be just as valuable to an author as an actual review. This is not something that should be exercised often, and could get you removed from receiving future releases. If it’s clear that you’re downloading more books than you can handle then Booksprout may take action and prevent you from getting any more.

2. No sharing copies of my ARCs or books. It’s an author’s worst nightmare to find their pre-published book already in circulation without their consent. Any ARC you download should be considered an exclusive copy for your eyes only.

3. You should do your best to review on time. In exchange for receiving a free copy, this is the basic expectation and is considered appropriate etiquette as part of being on a review team. Reviews on launch day are incredibly important to authors in terms of them getting better promotional opportunities to properly take advantage of the initial boost a book gets in the short time after it’s first published. A review that appears a month later isn’t nearly as helpful. By signing up below, you’re committing to reviewing my books on time (not a day, few days, or weeks later).

4. Remember: Booksprout is all about advanced review copies. These are often formatted by the author that wrote them, so they may not contain the same formatting as you would expect from a copy you get from Amazon or another retailer. Write your review based on the story you receive, not whether or not it has the formatting you’ve come to expect.

5. When making their books available for free to you as a reviewer, authors are asking that you write your review on stores that are important to them. Please make sure that you can actually write a review on all stores that they mark as required. Repeatedly asking authors to mark your review as complete because you cannot review on stores they ask for is not allowed (and I have zero time for that).

Support & Learn

My reviewers are important allies to me. We work together, and I think most everyone enjoys learning from my research, studies, and experiments related to blogging, marketing, and business. If you can commit to review deadlines, and adhere to the guidelines above, I’d love to have you on my team!

Join my ARC review team!

Sign up to receive a free copy of my non-fiction titles before the rest of the world. By signing up, you’re letting me know that you are willing and able to review the books by the due date. If you are not able to commit to deadlines, please do not sign up, so that the limited ARC copies can be released only to people who can and will commit.

Thank you for subscribing!

create your lead magnet

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Hey, I’m Kerrie Legend. I’m determined to help you master the art of creating lead magnets.

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About Kerrie Legend

She is a writer, graphic designer, and Pinterest nerd. BFA in Graphic Design, a BS in Marketing, and minored in computer science, Spanish, and Business Administration. Classical pianist. Prolific and bestselling author of Pinterest Marketing, and boundary-pushing template creator. Goat wrangler and mommy to six adorable boys.

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create your lead magnet

A 60+ page interactive comprehensive guide and workbook to help you master the art of creating lead magnets.

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