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What we learned from 2020 is that the only person you can truly rely on for income is yourself. Corporations, we found, are not all going to look out for their own employees. From putting essential employees at risk without regard for respiratory health to furloughing instead of termination/layoffs for unemployment purposes, we saw the corporate greed that truly exists.

learning new skills

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or an activity that can be built into a full-blown career, this is the place to discover the perfect templates to help you build your empire. Clean, minimalist, and effective. Stylish! You’re going to learn the skills of copywriting and design to build your empire the right way from scratch.

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We teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to write successfully at home to earn an income from their thoughts and words. Combining techniques and tools for research, outlining, learning to write sales copy, and publishing, we help people become more independent financially for the new stay-at-home economy.


Publishing, whether it’s the marketing side of the business, or the graphic design aspect, is an essential function to making any writer and blogger successful. Learn how to use templates effectively without having to learn a lot about design. The essentials come down to the core principles, where classic decisions never go out of style.

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It's time to discover your niche and what you were meant to create with passion.

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I love the presentation of all the modules and how everything flows from frame to frame. Flow of a website template matters to me, and this set makes me feel like I can’t go wrong mixing and matching sections together. It’s all just so beautiful.

Jenny Slate


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