Resource Library

Hey! It’s me, Kerrie, and I just want to welcome you to my site and thank you for being here! I’ve put together a resource library page with some great links for you to check out. I call them my “essentials” to getting the job of writing and design completed!\

Are you up for a challenge against yourself? Do you want to push yourself a bit and get on a path to more traffic, better design and written copy that has your readers drooling over your emails and pages? You betcha. So sign up below, and I’ll challenge you regularly, while teaching you a few things and giving you some free downloads and tips.

Where you’ll find me the most of value are my ideas for content, how to construct and design landing pages, and Pinterest marketing. I’ve learned a ton about blogging over the last decade, and share things I have found to be useful and helpful, along with decisions I made that I regret and investments into blogging that were a terrible idea. Hopefully the resources I provide in the resource library help you see through the forest to appreciate the trees.

There’s a lot that goes into blogging – writing, marketing, running the business itself, the legal aspects around blogging, managing your business finances; the whole she-bang. As you grow as a blogger, you’ll become a better writer. You’ll find your voice. And you’ll learn new tricks to write faster, more appealing copy. With email, you’ll learn how to write crazy-converting email subject headlines and copy. Finally, with Pinterest, you’ll learn everything I know about the second largest search engine on the planet, if you get started with me below.

Let’s start our journey…

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