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New social media suite for smart, intellectual, and content-based brands.

entrepreneurs / online shops / marketplaces

artists / musicians

coaches / consultants


photographers / videographers

authors / writers

weddings / events / calligraphers

health / wellness

journey with me for a few sundial rotations and soon enough you'll pick up some wildly effective story narratives, ideas, and design inspiration.

A team of one, which is a paradox. Things stay humble, small, and personalized around here.

Which means you get my individual attention, thoughts, and ideas straight from the source.

Kerrie Legend

Design Your Unique Branded Materials

Select from an array of cleverly-designed multi-functional design collections to solidify and broaden your brand’s power.

Write High-Quality Lead Magnets, Workbooks & Courses

Go beyond the cliche one-page lead magnet and offer something of higher value to impress your audience.

Convert More Sales with Landing Pages & Sales Copy

Make your sales copy work harder for you with the help of storytelling archetypes and incredibly-designed landing pages constructed with thought and care.




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Market your courses and coaching materials with style accompanied with professional design. Let your materials and resources pull their weight for you while you sleep!

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Find a template and design course or online materials that make your brand look impressive; not cheap.

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Meet Kerrie

Chief Storyteller at Storyteller Elementor themes. I’m here to spark your creativity, inspire wildly vivid stories about your brand, and help you find clarity and purpose in your writing.

so you can write what you’re passionate about while also selling your ideas & finding an audience who loves your work.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel like you’re spinning your wheels, trying to create in an overly-saturated market. I’ll help you find your story so you can find a path that suits your life’s passions. Get back to doing that you love with storytelling that is geared to help your brand grow.


storytelling ideas & prompts

for brands with untold stories



branded story

for brands ready to share stories



outlines for

for branded organization of content



you, the hero

copywriting review for brands


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